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Exterior view of the H+ Hotel Goslar - Official website
H+ Hotel Goslar

with a best-price guarantee

4-star comfort for every occasion

The barrier-free H+ Hotel Goslar at the foot of the Harz mountains is just two kilometres from the Goslar old town. Offering 165 double and family rooms, a restaurant, spa area and 8 meeting rooms, it is equally suited to mountain excursions, conferences and family celebrations. Free parking is available.

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With balcony or terrace on request

The H+ Hotel Goslar offers 165 rooms. All have a private balcony or terrace, and are equipped with free WiFi Internet access and Sky TV. The Deluxe rooms can accommodate up to four people, whereas the Suites and Family rooms have capacity for up to six. Extra beds are available, and cots are available free of charge. Dogs are allowed.

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Quiet and ideal for meetings

The H+ Hotel Goslar is just 20 minutes’ walk from Goslar’s old town. It offers the ideal starting point for hikes, excursions and sightseeing. From the train station, it’s just a ten-minute bus journey to the hotel. If arriving by car, there is easy access via the B6 or B82, and free parking is available at the hotel.

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Based on 7690 ratings out of 18 portals

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Restaurant at the H+ Hotel Goslar - Official website
Explore Goslar - H+ Hotel Goslar - Official website

Explore with the H+ Hotel Goslar

Inside one of the rooms at the H+ Hotel Goslar - Official website

“The pleasant atmosphere won us over”

In guest reviews, the H+ Hotel Goslar receives praise both for its location and for the overall impression it makes. The majority of guests were “very satisfied with the service” and the “friendliness and helpfulness” of the staff. The spa area and the “very good breakfast buffet” were also highlighted. 

Find out for yourself.

Offer: 3 days in Goslar - H+ Hotel Goslar - Official website
Season Special Goslar - 2 nights with breakfast
3 days in Goslar

Season Special Goslar - 2 nights including breakfast buffet - our special deal for you in Goslar.

  • H+ Hotel Goslar
  • 2 nights including a varied breakfast buffet 
  • bookable from 1 person

Best price guaranteed
37.83 €
Price per night
Offer: 4 days in Goslar - H+ Hotel Goslar - Official website
Season Special Goslar - 3 nights with breakfast
4  days in Goslar

Season Special Goslar - 3 nights including breakfast buffet - our special deal for you in Goslar.

  • H+ Hotel Goslar
  • 3 nights including a varied breakfast buffet 
  • bookable from 1 person

Best price guaranteed
35.60 €
Price per night

Kaiserpfalz Goslar – the grandeur and power of an emperor

The Imperial Palace of Goslar as a seat of power dates back to the 11th century. The Kaiserhaus, the north porch of the former collegiate church, and the Chapel of St. Ulrich remain to this day. It has been a UNESCO World Heritage site since 1992. The Kaiserhaus, a magnificent two-storey hall, forms the heart of the complex. It is about a 25-minute walk here from the H+ Hotel Goslar, or ten minutes by car.

Großes Heiliges Kreuz – medieval hospice

The Great Holy Cross is a hospice built in 1254, where travellers and the needy were given a bed for the night. It is the oldest civic facility of its kind in Germany. Today, the rooms of former inhabitants contain artisans’ studios and a small exhibition. It is approximately 25 minutes’ drive from the H+ Hotel Goslar.

Goslar Marktplatz – surrounded by historical buildings

Goslar’s market place is characterised by the paving stones radiating out from its centre and the interesting historical buildings surrounding it. The town hall contains an impressive “Hall of Homage” (Huldigungssaal) painted in the late Gothic style, while the Kaiserringhaus is home to a glockenspiel depicting miners at work. It is approximately 25 minutes’ walk from the H+ Hotel Goslar.

Rammelsberg visitors' mine -H+ Hotel Goslar - Official website

Rammelsberg visitors’ mine - an experience above and beneath the ground

The Rammelsberg visitors’ mine and associated mining museum and technical installations are all designated as a World Heritage site. The site can be viewed from above the ground via the inclined conveyor lift, and from below in the mine’s own train. It’s approximately a ten-minute drive from the H+ Hotel Goslar.

Hiking in the Harz region - the “Liebesbankweg”

In and around Goslar, there are many hiking and biking trails leading through the Harz region. The seven-kilometre “Liebesbankweg”, for example, is a trail around the Hahnenklee borough of Goslar. Besides nature, there are also the lakes of the Upper Harz water management system (“Oberharzer Wasserwirtschaft”) to discover. You can reach the Liebesbankweg via the B241 by bus or by car. It’s 20 to 35 minutes’ drive from the H+ Hotel Goslar.

Holidays in Goslar, we look forward to meeting you!

H+ Hotel Goslar

Krugwiese 11A
38640 Goslar, DE

phone: +49 5321 782-0
fax: +49 5321 782-304

mail: [email protected]

Exterior view of the H+ Hotel Goslar - Official website

Modern hotel room at the H+ Hotel Goslar - Official website

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