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New hotel projects by H-Hotels GmbH

H-Hotels GmbH is having a powerful impact on the hotel sector in many major cities and tourist regions with hotels that are shaped by its distinctive brand identity. Marketing for its own brands HYPERION, H4 Hotels, H2 Hotels, H+ Hotels, H.omes and H.ostels is amalgamated under the umbrella brand.

This family business is now being run by the second generation and is one of Germany’s largest hotel companies. Its brand identity and sustainable growth have also attracted independent praise from Treugast Investment Ranking with an upgrade from an A to AA rating. Currently the following new hotel projects are underway:

Welcome to Saarbrücken from October 2024

H2 Hotel Saarbrücken

The new H2 Hotel Saarbrücken will be opening in October 2024 opposite the Shoppingcenter Europa-Galerie, with 200 double rooms and 4-bed rooms, and a HUB open around the clock. In addition to the shopping facilities in the hotel building, there are numerous shops in the city centre nearby. The hotel is only a few minutes´ walk from the Saar river, where you can stroll at leisure. More Saarbrücken attractions can be reached on foot or by local public transportation. Saarbrücken Castle, the Saarland museum and Modern Gallery, the Saarland State Theatre and German-French Garden.

Rooms: 202
Completion date: October 2024
Adresse: Bahnhofstr. 109, 111 / Faktoreistraße, Kohlwaagstraße 7, 
D-66111 Saarbrücken

New hotel in Saarbrücken -
New hotel in Saarbrücken -
New hotel in Saarbrücken -

Welcome to Erfurt from Februrary 2025

H2 Hotel Erfurt

In the heart of the Thuringian state capital, another house of our stylish budget brand H2 Hotel will be built by Februrary 2024 at the former Löbertor. The medieval city center with its numerous historical sights is within easy walking distance. The main train station is also just a few minutes' walk away.

Rooms: 213
Completion date: Februrary 2025
Adress: Neuwerkstraße 17, 
D-99084 Erfurt

New hotel in Erfurt -
New hotel in Erfurt -
New hotel in Erfurt -

Welcome to Leipzig from the beginning of 2025

H.ostel Leipzig

H.ostel Leipzig, our sixth location in Saxony’s biggest city, opens at the beginning of 2025. The hotel is in a listed Art-Nouveau building near the Leipzig main railway station, and will have 400 guest beds on five storeys after renovation is completed. The city centre  with its many cultural attractions and huge variety of shops can be easily reached on foot or with public transport.

Rooms: 81
Completion date: 2025
Adresse: Brühl 68, 
D-04109 Leipzig

New hotel in Leipzig -
New hotel in Leipzig -
New hotel in Leipzig -

Welcome to Barcelona from mid-2025

H2 Hotel Barcelona

Opening in the middle of 2025, the H2 Hotel will be the first H-Hotels resort in Catalonia, Spain, in one of Europe’s trendiest and most beautiful cities.  Take in the spectacular architecture and pulsating atmosphere of Barcelona, a fantastic city on the Mediterranean.  Situated in Av. Granvia de L’Hospitalet, the new H2 Hotel has a HUB and breakfast restaurant. With 336 rooms furnished in a modern, bright design, it is the ideal base for exploring all the city’s attractions: The fairytale Sagrada Familia, Parc Güell, the Casa Milà and much more. Go up to the Tibidabo for a wonderful view of the city, or take a short walk to the beach.

Rooms: 336
Completion date: mid-2025
Adresse: Av. Granvia de L'Hospitalet 155, 
E-08908 L'Hospitalet de Llobregat

New hotel in Barcelona -
Park Güell - New hotel in Barcelona -
Park Güell - New hotel in Barcelona -
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